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Nose Seiki Co. Ltd.

ADRESS 271,Oogi-machi Higashiomi-city Shiga-ken 527-0174
TEL 0749-46-0456 FAX 0749-46-1133
E-mail webmaster@noseseiki.com
URL www.noseseiki.com
As a support company of big firms, Nose Seiki Co. Ltd. has a 30-year history. Now it is mainly involved in manufacturing supporting parts of communication equipment and automobiles. In order to publicize the tin soldering techniques, we have made public our tin soldering skills and experience on our website, meanwhile we also promote the tin soldering training method as per the actual worksite conditions.
With our expertise in tin soldering trade, we are able to undertake all kinds of soldering tasks contracted by any legal persons or individuals, covering soldering tests, repairs and renovations and even accept a task with only one-spot-soldering. We would like to accept the extremely challenging tasks which no others would accept. We would challenge the “impossible”.

A profile of the author

Tin soldering craftsman MASAHARU NOSE(NOSE MASAHARU)

Masaharu Nosein 1967
Born in Shiga
in 1991
Graduated from the Solid Physics Research Institute, Physics Dept of Shimane University,
in 1991
Employed by NEC in Kansai,
in 2007
Appointed as Chairman of the Board of Nose Seiki Co. Ltd.,
Mr. Masaharu Nose has been involved in tin soldering since 1993 and undertaken all kinds of soldering business covering soldering tests, repairs and renovations contracted by legal persons and individuals. He started to make public his soldering skills on the website in 2004. In addition to the consulting service he has offered via E-mails and Internet; he also goes to enterprises offering training service. Meanwhile, he was the host of the TV program on soldering sponsored by the Asahi TV Station and also publicized the fundamentals on soldering skills on the Hokkaido Radio Station.
His works include “Fundamentals Section” of “A Lecture on Soldering” DVD version;
“Technology Section” of “A Lecture on Soldering” VER 2;
“Pb-free Soldering Section, Soldering on Junctions and Wires” of “A Lecture on Soldering”;
“Fishing Harvest! Catching Rockfish during Daytime”
Mr. Nose has extensive interests ----- he is certificated in sward arts Band 3, karate Band 2, skiing Class SAJI; he is also interested in playing the piano and fishing. As a father of two children, he got a champion title of above 35-year-old group in Kusano-ha Shito-ryu Kenpo Karate Do Association 2006.